We are four young guys, former students of Secondary woodworking school from Škofja Loka. In the fourth year, in the framework of the project My company, implemented by JA Slovenia - the Institute for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship of Young People, we founded the student company.
We entered the project with the idea of producing and selling a unique and innovative handmade wooden product.
Teglc ekipa


  • Luka Oblak
  • Luka Čelik
  • Luka Rogelj
  • David Košnik
One of the members came up with the idea of producing a small wooden plant pot - teglc (teglc is a slovene dialect word for flower pot). We draw some different shapes of pots and at the end selected simple and elegant shape.
Teglc oblika


The product was put up for sale as a standalone pot, but we later withdrew it.

In fact, we had something more interesting in the stock of ideas ...

We wanted the product that would be floating in the air with no need of electricity power. So, the mission LET'S MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE started.
Teglc koncept


Then we started looking for a partner to help us. We found Ilirik d.o.o., who provided us with funds for development.

After many failed experiments, we finally managed to find a solution - and the LEVITATING TEGLC was born.
Lebdeči teglc javor

We are offering two different wood types: maple (bright) and walnut (dark).

For our products is used quality Slovenian wood, and local carpenters also help us with the production.

More about the levitating flover pot.

Because we were very successful in selling the floating flower pots, the acquired money was invested in further development.
We created the prototype of a floating bowl and first publicly presented it on March 8, 2018 at the NLB branch office in Ljubljana.

The bowl is also offered in the maple and walnut wood.

More about the levitating bowl.

We also offer a cheaper and simpler version of a cube-shaped levitating flower pot. This model is especially suitable for business gifts, as we can, engrave the logo of your company on its surface.



We excelled at the company of the year competition in Slovenia, where we achieved an excellent 1st place and received the title: THE SLOVENIAN COMPANY OF THE YEAR.


Dijaško podjetje leta

In addition, we received awards in the following categories:

  • 1st place for the most innovative product / service,
  • 1st place for the best company by choice of mentors,
  • 1st place for the best-selling product / service,
  • 1st place for the best stand and
  • 3rd place for the best report.

With a joint victory, we were given the opportunity to representSlovenia at the European Company of the Year Competition in Belgrade.
Special thanks also go to our mentor Petar Kurnik, who has been supporting us from the very beginning, and without him we would not be where we are now.

Our products, the progress and the events we participate on, are regularly published on social networks.

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